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At the intersection of form and functionality, the Sarah White handbag collection is designed for women who really have it together. And want to keep it that way.

Sarah saw a gap in the luxury handbag market. As she designed and sketched the line, versatility and function were key elements from the get-go. For example, the convertible clutch can be worn multiple ways. With the jewelry-quality chain as a shoulder bag, without the chain to carry as a handheld clutch, or you can even wear the chain as a necklace.

Another wonderful idea Sarah introduced is designing bags that actually fit in another bag. Several handbags in the collection fit perfectly inside one another, so you can adapt your style as your day unfolds.

While versatility is one of Sarah’s design cornerstones, she committed to the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, so the sense of luxury is always present. Even the chain from the convertible clutch looks like a piece of fine jewelry.

Each handbag is crafted from the finest Italian leather, sourced from a family-owned and operated tannery in the heart of Biella, Italy, an area well-known for its tanning heritage. Our Bella Pelle leather is supple and beautiful, yet repels water.

There’s not one detail in the Sarah White collection that has been overlooked. A microtex needle is used to create a straight, clean and perfect stitch. Typical machines use diamond needles, which create a diagonal stitch. It’s the smallest of details; more proof Sarah White puts thought into every aspect of her handbags.

For the interiors, the often overlooked need for purposeful function has been addressed with great care and detail. Well-conceived pockets and compartments have been specifically tailored using a soft, sueded material to organize and protect today’s daily tech essentials. Your smartphone fits perfectly here, your laptop there, right next to a sleeve for your tablet.

Even the handbag feet and strap hardware has been given attention for their luxurious looks and longevity. Sarah White uses the highest quality YKK Excella zippers chosen for their ease of use; the zipper pulls are a slightly wider to fit your thumb and forefinger perfectly.

The Sarah White Collection supports today’s busy, connected lifestyle with top quality materials and craftsmanship, versatility, and highly functional interior details. For women who have it all together. And want to keep it that way.

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